Joanna Rose is a certified relationship coach who received her certification from Katherine Woodward Thomas, best selling author of "Calling in The One" and "Conscious Uncoupling".  Katherine Woodward Thomas is a leading therapist and author whose work is on the cutting edge in the field of emotional health, love and relationships.

Joanna's approach to behavioral change is identifying self-as-source behaviors that are hindering the outcome of getting the love or effective results you want in all of your personal and professional relationships.

Joanna is also the author of "Cheerful the Angry Chicken", which serves to generate discussion with young people regarding the topic of managing our more difficult emotions and believing in our ability to make a difference. She is the Facilitator of "Power of Intention" circles at Bliss Spiritual Co-op, held the first and second Thursday of every month, which helps people reach their full potential through visualizing the outcome they desire and taking action.  

Joanna's work to empower ourselves and others is also evident in her volunteer and community service work. She is a dedicated volunteer, working with Reading Partners, Big Brothers Big Sisters and other local organizations that serve to strengthen the emotional health, healing, well-being, and education of young people. 

Joanna is also a professional Spanish medical interpreter who passed the state board examinations for CHI certification (Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters), the nation’s highest certification available for healthcare interpreters.  She is happy to coach in either English or Spanish and is able to provide the assurance of high-quality Spanish language coaching or interpreting in any healthcare or coaching setting. 


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