Love as a form of co-creation

I am coming to believe that February is many a single person's least favorite month of the year. I think it starts with the expectations (or lack thereof) that come around Valentine’s Day versus the actual reality of how February 14th usually goes for those who have no significant other.

I have also carried within me a sense that feels most closely like a burden as the day approached, and with the hope of countering this feeling for a group of single friends, I invited them over for a Valentine's Day dinner. My belief was there is comfort in community as well as in food, so let's get together and turn the day into a celebration of friendship as well as love.

However, I noticed as the day approached, one by one guests began to come up with a reason why they could not make it. Without prying, I began to realize many did not have other plans, but they simply were choosing to spend Valentine’s Day alone. This is against my general nature, so as we dwindled down to a party of one, I decided it was best to simply go out and find enjoyment elsewhere, so I set out to my favorite neighborhood retreat house, and in doing so, I was introduced to a wonderful man who has become one of my dearest friends.

I don’t think it was an accident that I met him on Valentine’s Day. I believe that in my effort to stay positive and happy on a day that is known for lovers, I stayed in my heart space and was open to receive love in all forms, including friendship.

I was grateful that I did not sit home. I was grateful that getting myself out and about resulted in the exact kind of male friend I had been needing. And I realized, there is something to the process of co-creating what it is we want in life.

May you all look at your day tomorrow as another opportunity to co-create something beautiful.