Snow Storms - A chance to practice patience

Instead of 2018 starting out with a bang, it started with a boom – a snow storm! With so many big storms hitting us both at home and on during our travels, many people, including us, were stuck inside for long periods of time together.

Even though I was ready for the snow to be gone, what it did do was force people to slow down. We are not the most patient society.

A few days after the storm, I entered a store where the man behind me appeared agitated that the cashier was taking too long to help a customer. I was impressed at how helpful she was trying to be to each and every customer and I was thinking what an amazing employee she was when the man behind me in line began to get agitated. He was clearly not happy that things were taking so long.

As I saw him becoming more and more agitated, I turned around and struck up a conversation about the passing storm. I mentioned how storms have a way of forcing us to slow down and have patience and that maybe that's the purpose of storms - to force us to do just that.

He just looked at me. After checking out, I noticed a car pulling out of the parking lot at breakneck speed, As I glanced inside, it was the same person. I wondered where he was really going in such a hurry and if the situation really warranted such a frantic pace or if the urgency was self-inflicted.

How often do we really have the time to slow it down but we take the approach that we can't. At least we choose to believe we can’t.

Our concept of time is often based on perception and not reality. If only we could spend more time thanking those who are going the extra mile to help us instead of treating their kindness as an inconvenience, how different our experience might be.