November - Birthdays and Gratitude

November 3, 2017


Since November is not only Thanksgiving, but the birthday month for my daughter and me, we have a lot to be grateful for. When I think that she is turning 18 on the 18th (so auspicious!) I have a hard time fathoming that the years went by so quickly. How lucky and blessed I feel to have been able to raise this child. She came into the world such a beautiful white light. So compassionate and caring, so full of love and joy. The world wasn’t always an easy place for a child who was a natural born empath. But because of that, she taught me all of my greatest lessons. I would never be a coach today if it weren’t for my deep desire to be the best mother I could be, which meant I had to be the best human being I could be. She motivated me every day, and with every breakdown, I vowed to do a better job next time.  There were times I failed miserably, but if there is one thing she gave me the strength to do, it was to face whatever issues were keeping me from being my best self.  I continue to grow and expand every day, but she is the one I credit most for my journey. To Hannah:  Happy Birthday my love.  You are my everything.  I will always love you beyond life itself. You are and always will be my greatest blessing.  May your 18th year be one of your most amazing so far!  

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