The wrath of Mother Nature

The months of September and October have been filled with so much suffering from Mother Nature that one has to stop and ask, what is the earth trying to tell us?? To slow down? To appreciate what we have before it’s gone? To live in the moment? To remember the importance of connecting to our communities? To treat our earth with greater respect or pay the consequences? I’m not sure anyone really has the answers. But there is one thing of which I am certain: in these times of great turmoil, we turn to what matters most in our lives: our relationships with others, our relationship with our community, our relationship with ourselves, as we reevaluate what really matters in the end. Two of my friends lost everything in the wildfires of California, another lost everything in the Virgin Islands, and another in Puerto Rico. My heart goes out to those suffering right now! We are all so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Many feel your pain and want to to help. Let them! This is a time to receive from others, to show your appreciation for those who care and what is left: family, friends, community and love. Reach out and accept what others want to give at this time. We are all one after all. May you be able to rebuild from an even stronger foundation. And may you focus on your relationships and remember how much our connection to others matters. I hope that you are surrounded by love and support as you rebuild your lives. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!