Saying Goodbye

August was an incredible month for my daughter and me. We truly built some great memories before she headed off to college that I will treasure for a lifetime. But it was also a difficult month. With her departure for college, I now have to think seriously about what it is that I want the next chapter of my own life to look like. Even though that has been almost my entire focus for the last three years, I still don’t have it all completely figured out. Everyone keeps asking me, “so what are you going to do now that she has gone off to college?” I wonder if I am supposed to have a drawn up list: “at 10:00 I will go to the gym. At 11:00 I will do household chores. At 12:00 I will eat lunch.” I’m not sure what the correct answer is to this question but I always feel like I am supposed to have one. The truth is, I will continue to do the same things I always do, however, I do find myself asking “who do I have to cook for now?” Cooking for oneself and dining alone is just not the same and of all the things I think about, this is one of those things I find myself not looking forward to. What I do know, however, is that I will continue on my path of personal growth and a desire to help others reach their goals through my coaching work.

As they say, life is not always about the destination, but the (rather emotional at times) journey. Life is good. May it continually get better and may I focus my energy and thoughts on what is to come instead of what was. That is what I plan to do. I hope you are here with me for the ride.