Facing the empty "next"...

As I was typing this title, my fingers accidentally typed “Facing the Empty NEXT” instead of nest, and I thought, “How appropriate is that?!” It almost does feel like I am facing “the empty next” as in “what am I supposed to do now that my days of daily parenting are over?” It is something I have spent a lot of time thinking about and preparing for over the last four years.

And I can honestly say I am so happy with the path my life has taken so far. I made a complete about face when I retired out of a career I really thought I would never leave! But something was pulling me in a new direction, and still is! I find I can’t expand my own consciousness fast enough, as if I have years to play catch up or make up for when all I did was focus on work and career. But the path to higher consciousness living feels more like one baby step at a time. It’s like a whole new way of thinking and being. It is a way of life focused on love-based living versus ego-based living, which seems to be the exact opposite way of thinking than the world we live in!

I would agree with the author who called it “The Road Less Traveled”. Awakening to our own power, magnificence and beauty is the farthest thing from an act of selfishness. In fact, I have come to see it as no greater way to honor creation and the universe than to become our highest selves.

As I move forward on this path, I have enjoyed building a greater sense of community through public speaking about the things I care about. What good is gaining knowledge if we don’t share it? May what I am learning simply be multiplied so we can all be our best selves. That is my new form of public service, and I am sticking with it. Hope you come along and join in for the ride!