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Making the Most of Summer - and learning a few lessons

This July was filled with road trips to visit friends and family as well as lots of time in our national parks and out in nature.

What I realized this vacation is it is not only important to think about where you want to go, but it is also important to think about what kind of shape you need to be in when you get there! Our trip to Yosemite National Park was amazing. As we logged in almost 22,000 steps (the equivalent of 65 flights of stairs) on one of our daily hikes, I realized I should have spent less time sitting at the computer planning the trip and more time at the gym preparing for it! Vacations can be exhausting, and though there is always a degree of tongue in cheek humor when we say that, there is also a lot of truth to it! We have to prepare both physically and emotionally for any last minute crisis. My daughter asking me for her passport after passing through TSA was a jolt I was not expecting. After asking if she had all her documents for her visa and getting a yes, I did not physically check the drawer to see if that included her passport, only to find out less than 45 minutes from boarding time that she didn’t have hers. It turned our relaxing one hour of down time at the gate into an emotional roller coaster as I wondered how on earth she would get back in time from returning home to catch our flight. I immediately began trying to see if I could get her on a next flight, only to find out there were no more flights with available seats traveling to our final destination that day.

These are the moments we just have to turn to the serenity prayer and accept the things we cannot change. As I sat there saying my prayers and trying

to not let the situation overwhelm me with stress, I vacillated between “I should have gone home and let her catch the flight” to “I hope this serves as a lesson in future”. As they called boarding and we lined up, I saw my daughter running down the corridor. She was out of breath, but she made it. May she have learned something along the way!

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