June - A Time for Fun!

For many of us, June is vacation month. When we think about vacation, we always look forward to it with such anticipation. We often spend weeks preparing and talking about where we want to go and what we want to do. In fact, science has proven that just the mere discussion and anticipation of taking a vacation has a positive impact on our health and well-being.

So what happens when the vacation doesn’t live up to our expectations? What happens when once we are on vacation, our children are fighting, we get lost en route, or are overcharged for your place of lodging or discover it doesn’t look anything like the photos you saw online? How does one regroup so such events don’t ruin the good times or the memories?

This is when it’s time to really stretch our attitudinal muscles and ask ourselves “how can I most quickly get back to joy?” We have to consciously strive to shift our thinking so we can get back to feeling good again as quickly as possible.

During times like these, I have found it helpful to use mantras to keep things in perspective, such as “this too shall pass” or implement humor, such as “are we having fun yet?” When we put things into perspective and realize that it is up to us to create the memories we want to have, even if sometimes it feels like we are trying to build those positive memories against all odds, then the sooner you can get back to joy the better.

We may not control everything that happens to us, but we always control how we choose to react, what thoughts we attach to it, and what importance we give it. And that is what is meant when we hear the term “we choose our reality”. We are what we think.

May you handle every situation that comes your way this vacation season with grace, and be able to get back to joy in the face of possible adversity as quickly as possible so the memories you and your loved ones are creating are as positive and pleasant as those that went into the planning of your rest and recuperation time.