May - Graduation Time and More Transitions

I spoke last month about the transformational qualities of Spring. For many, May is often another time of transformation. For those of us with teenagers who are heading off to college, we are busy helping them transition from living at home to being on their own and becoming young adults on their way to living independently.

As I look at the “empty nest” upon me, it brings up so many emotions. Some are future oriented: all that I wish for my daughter, my prayers for her safety and the desire for fulfillment of all of her dreams. Then there are all the memories we built together: all the beautiful places we visited and unique experiences we shared, followed by the times I was so proud of her: when she got the lead in her school play, her first published poem (at 8 yrs old), and all the “old soul” things she used to say that would make people tell me how special she is. I have so many treasured memories. It’s hard to believe the years went as quickly as they did.

When I think about what I wish for her most, it’s that she be a loving and kind friend, sibling, partner, and community builder. I hope she understands the value and importance of the relationships she is forming and building, and that she remembers to live consciously, paying attention to what she is creating.

When I think of what she is bringing with her, I see her deep soul and desire to help others and I can only envision her multiplying that sense of purpose in the work that she chooses. She has always had a deep caring for the less fortunate, for justice, for authenticity and living an authentic life, for the environment, especially our oceans, and for things that are beyond what she can understand. Sometimes I look at her and think "she fascinates me".

I would like to dedicate May's blog to all the parents out there saying goodbye to their children for the first time this coming Fall, and to all those who are continuing on their own path of transformation. May we all go out and live our purpose, inspire others, and be the love we want to see in the world. What more can we ask of our children and ourselves than that?