Q: How is coaching different than traditional therapy?


While coaching and psychotherapy share some similarities, their focus is different. Psychotherapy is normally oriented toward trauma recovery, while coaching focuses on tools specifically designed to create the fulfillment of goals. Psychotherapy’s focus is often on the past and has as its goal the objective of bringing the client to a place of normal functioning. Coaching on the other hand, is very much focused on the future the client wants to create. 


Traditionally, coaching is done with an already functional person to help move them from simply functioning to being able to achieve their highest level of excellence. The goal in coaching is to take the client from a place where they feel “stuck”, to a higher level of awareness, removing unconscious blockers by deepening their self-awareness and better managing their self-as-source behaviors that hinder their ability to achieve their maximum potential.


Whereas psychotherapy is normally done in person, coaching can easily be provided either on the phone, via a webcast, or in person.


Q:  Can I get results after just one session of coaching?


Normally, coaching is done in eight week increments. This is because it takes time for new behaviors to be practiced and for the mind to begin to absorb the new behaviors into long term changes in thought patterns, actions, and habits. 


Q: What results can I expect after a full eight week program:


After the full eight week program, a client should be able to identify patterns that negatively impact your relationships and progress toward creating the happy and healthy relationships you desire.  The client should be able to identify self-as-source patterns and behaviors that have hindered their relationships in the past.  They should also be on their way to creating a pathway to authentic connection through improved communication, delivery, self-awareness and commitment to mastering higher consciousness thinking. The client should begin to see how they are creating and generating breakthroughs that are transforming not only their relationships, but their relationship with themselves as well.  They should begin to see results that are moving them in the direction of getting the love and support they desire from others.


Q:  How much of a time commitment does coaching require?


Coaching work requires on the part of the client a commitment of at least one hour of reading a week along with the time it takes to journal and document any feelings or progress they care to document.  Any less than that may not bring the same results.


Q:  What if I pay for the whole eight week program but I don’t feel it is working for me.       Can I get my money back?


Clients can receive a full reimbursement at any time for the remaining sessions that they have not used.  There will be no reimbursement for the sessions that have already taken place however, due to the time the coach has spent in preparing for those sessions and carrying out the work. 


Q:  Do I have to pay for the full eight week program up front?


Different payment options can be made available, but to truly benefit from coaching work it is important to commit to a minimum of eight weeks. Past experience has shown that those who pay for the full program, or pay for the program in two payments, have the best results for sticking with the program, versus those who wish to pay monthly or weekly. 


Q: What if I have to cancel a session at the last minute.  Can I get my money back?

If the cancellation is due to a legitimate emergency, the client will be offered one make up session free of charge. If the client cancels the session a second time with less than 24 hours notice, the client will be reimbursed 50% of the session. The reason for the 50% charge is the coach has already spent time within the days leading up to the session reviewing past sessions and preparing for the following session, which is time they cannot get back. 


Q:  Will sessions be recorded and will I be able to go back and listen to them later? 


This is up to the client.  If a client would like to have their session recorded, the client will sign an agreement stating that recording will be used for the sole purpose of reviewing sessions and will be made with the strictest of confidentiality. No one will have access to the recordings other than the client (and coach).


Q:  What if I want to continue after the eight weeks are over, is this possible?


If there is enough interest in continuing after the eight week session, we can provide the option of setting up a group follow up at a reduced price, or continuing on with individual sessions at the regular price.  This will be based on the client’s preference.


Q:  How do I know if you are the right coach for my needs and personality?


In order to determine if there is the right connection between a client and a coach, the coach will schedule a 30 minute free introductory session to determine if the program is right for you and if there is a good connection and fit between the two before moving ahead with a coaching program.  


Not all clients are the right person for all coaches. It is extremely important that the client feels they can trust this person and that they believe there is a strict agreement of confidentiality, safety and trust between the client and the coach before moving forward.