What others have said after participating in a private or group session


“Thank you so much … You are truly gifted in your ability to capture another’s thoughts and feelings. I am amazed at how much you were able to glean from the information I gave. You are very talented and insightful. I appreciate greatly the effort you made on my behalf.”  Donna 

"Wow Joanna!! I feel so much love and support from you. Thank you so much for taking your time to share your knowledge and high vibration of love with us. So blessed to meet your pure heart of gold!! Sending you my love and appreciation for the work that you are doing...spreading the love and light. Thank you so much for leading the way."   Aivy 

"... thank you for bringing such joy and great facilitating energy to last night! So thrilled to have this opportunity ... Michele   [Power of Intention Participant]


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Thank you so much! I had a lot on my mind last night but I just felt a huge sense of peace. -- Christa

"...  You have such a way of keeping it fun!... Love the emphasis on purposeful connecting."  Anne